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"To bring together those who appreciate the night sky!"
The TriState Astronomers is a group of amateur astronomers from the area surrounding Hagerstown, MD.
We began in 1985 and we enjoy sharing the ageless wonders of the night sky.
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Selenology Today
Free online technical journal about the moon.
Hesiodus Sunrise Ray
Lunar sunrise and
sunset rays.
Lunar 100

Moon Map
Lunar Dome Catalogue

Lunar Observer's Toolkit.

Cloudy Nights Forum on Lunar Observing. More...

Tutorial on Lunar Sketching. More...

Additional Resources

Observing the Moon by Gerald North.

The Modern Moon, A Personal View by Charles Wood (great introduction to the moon and its features)

Moon Observer's Guide by Peter Grego (organized by day)

Geologic History of the Moon, USGA Professional Paper 1348; 1987 (I've only found this in PDF on the web; it's a huge file approaching 100MB with over 300 scanned pages; I've downloaded it and had Kinko's print and spiral bind it for me).  Download from this site (note that it looks like you have to download each section separately, but there is an embedded link to get it all in a single download so read the page carefully).

ATLASES (Photographic, Sketched, and Virtual) -
The previous books provide good information, but a good atlas is a
MUST for doing the Lunar 100. I have several and use more than one
regularly (mostly VMA, Rukl & Chu) plus the S&T laminated moon maps.

Virtual Moon Atlas (VMA): This is probably THE best lunar atlas
software on the market and it is totally FREE and downloadable. Load
the "pro" edition to get all features and photos.

The Photographic Moon Book by Alan Chu - Free and downloadable;
another huge one at 105MB, but it is all HiRes photography.  This is
another you can send to Kinko's for printing/binding..

Atlas of the Moon by Atonin Rukl - A must have for the serious Lunar
Lunatic. It's nearly $40 but is a beautiful and precise sketched atlas of the entire near side of the moon including libration areas. You've got to have this book!

Sky & Telescope Moon Maps from

-Lunar 100 Card - List and map (not detailed) including references
to corresponding chart in Rukl where you can find each object (I told
you you needed Rukl's book).

-Laminated Moon Map by Sky & Telescope

-Laminated Field Map of the Moon by Sky & Telescope - Available in
mirror image format (i.e., flipped E-W)

Digital Lunar Orbiter Photographic Atlas of the Moon

The Full Moon Atlas

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Moon

Download Observing Log